Denny’s in Japan


Anyone that has ever been to America will know Denny’s. It’s the home of free coffee refills, French Toast, and my all-time favourite diner meal “The Grand Slam”. It’s something that comes up whenever my family and I talk about the times we went to the US of A. Every morning before we walked the strip in Vegas, before we went to the parks in Florida, before we chilled out poolside or relaxed on the beach we would all go to Denny’s. I’m quite thankful I’m not American or I don’t think you would ever get me out of the place, I would probably weigh three hundred pounds.

So imagine my sheer delight when cruising down some random street in Japan I happen to come across the all too famous sign.
The realization that I now live in a country that has Denny’s hit me hard, I knew exactly what I was going to do.
I was going storm in there! Grab a seat! No need to look at the menu because I know what I want!
I want a Grand Sla- there is no Grand Slam, why is there no Grand Slam!? Where is the Grand Slam?

But of course this is Denny’s Japan, there is no Grand Slam here, and that would make sense. Japan isn’t a country affected by rampant obesity, and the thought of one meal with sausages, bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, toast and a side of French Toast with syrup just doesn’t fit with the Japanese way of eating. There is pasta (made with noodles), burgers without the buns and an egg on top (optional extra), and Ramen. In fact, the most American thing on this menu is the club sandwich CALLED THE AMERICAN CLUB!

d1be7f69-dbd6-4334-8622-6378639860acNever the less like a pioneer in a strange new world I did my best to work around this strange menu and ended up just getting THE AMERICAN! With fried potato (Fries). I’ll be a bit more courageous next time I promised myself.
But then I noticed “The Drinks Bar”. Unlimited drinks! Hot and cold! It has one of those Five Guys machines, the one with every soft drink you could think of. Coke, Sprite, orange juice… if you want a coke zero with a splash of lime? You got it! Sprite with mango? No problem! Regular coke with cherry? Right here!

Looking around there are people just chilling. People who have erected offices at their tables. Laptops, workbooks, folders, people having meetings in the corner of the smoking section, large groups just sitting around drinking. And then it occurs to me, people must just use this place as a workspace with unlimited drinks. It’s what I would do so that’s what I did! I am currently writing this blog one month into my journey sat in a Denny’s. The chilled out atmosphere, the food, the unlimited drinks, I can honestly say that this is now my safe space in Japan.

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