The Millennials Shibuya

The Millennials shibuya is a luxurious capsule hotel in the heart of Shibuya. It’s about a five minutes walk from the Shibuya station.20180927_100247

When you walk in you will be greeted by a single elevator. You take the elevator to the fourth floor and check in at reception/common area. There is a Roomba (automatic vac) cleaning the place, tables with TVs in them, a free to use Mac computer and a printer/scanner just around the corner. In the communal kitchen, there are free to use tabletop ovens, a fridge, an ice machine, two sinks, dishwasher and a top of the range coffee machine with an unlimited supply of coffee, iced coffee, hot cocoa, latte, cappuccino and hot water to make tea.

Upon check-in, the very nice English speaking team will then hand you your amenities bag complete with a big towel, face towel, and slippers (complimentary of course). They will then tell you free beer is between seven and eight. You will also receive a small wash bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton set (cotton pads, cotton buds), a packet of tissues and in my case because it was my birthday, a free bag of crispy salted bread nibbles (a lifesaver in the middle of the night when I got peckish). You also receive an iPod unique to your Pod which controls the electric bed, lights, fan, and turns on/off the projector. It is essential to keep the iPod on your person as it has an NFC chip on the back that allows you to take the elevator to your floor. Just tap the back of your phone on the NFC tag, choose your floor and away you go.


There are 5 floors one of which is female only. Each floor has its own shower room and separate unisex toilets and of course this being Japan (and one of the most high tech hotels I have ever stayed in), the toilet is something out of Star Trek. It lifts automatically as you enter the cubical, flushes automatically when you stand up and the lid closes as you exit. Seat warmer, bidet, full flush, eco flush, mid-flush, seriously this toilet has more sensors than a NASA built satellite. All floors are non-smoking but there is a smoking terrace on floor 3, as well as a relaxation area/conference room with a small private study/meeting room and a line of couches that overlook the street below.

The whole interior has a cold black and grey metallic look even though on closer inspection the walls are fabric and the carpet is very soft to walk on. The whole place has a very clean feel to it like it is constantly being vacuumed and polished despite never actually seeing a cleaner or a maid at any point of my stay. The modern/futuristic look really suits the idea of the hotel perfectly.

The Pod

Your room is a pod. When the bed is in couch mode there are roughly five inches of space between the foot of the bed and the entrance which is a curtain/projector screen. The bed flattens to take up the whole room and even though the door is essentially a drop down screen when closed, it gives you a real sense of privacy from the rest of the Pods. At this point I have stayed in a few places in Japan and I can honestly say The Millennials Shibuya bed was the most comfortable bed I have slept in so far! It was a far cry from the usual folded 4 layers of cardboard the Japanese seem to like. I was able to elevate and lower the bed to suit my comfort level. The lights can be dimmed to suit the mood and you are able to use the projector to either plug in an HDMI or just Chrome Cast YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Prime. There is also an option for Apple TV but I didn’t quite figure out how it worked. I wasn’t too bothered by this as I had a few episodes of Better Call Saul to catch up on. On the wall, there are more than enough power outlets to supply your six devices! Four power outlets and two USB plugs, a headphone jack and a second remote to pick which projector option you want.

Breakfast is served between 7:30- 9:30am and checkout is at 10am but can be extended for an extra 1000 yen.
The food served are pastries and of course an unlimited supply of hot drinks. Checkout could not have been easier, hand back the stuff you received at check-in and that’s it, all checked out.

Good points
1. Very clean, I didn’t once see any dirt, dust or anything out of place.
2. Very helpful, friendly team, extra bonus points for a multilingual team that couldn’t do enough for you.
3. Comfortable beds. I have found more often than not that Japanese beds can be on the hard side, ranging from wood panel to wood panel with a sheet, but The Millennials Shibuya have a real western style comfortable mattress.
4. Multiple chillout areas. A common room with a kitchen stocked with all the appliances one would need in a professional kitchen minus a Hob, and a relaxed quiet workroom on a separate floor. The smoking area accessible at all times.

Could be improved

1. No air-conditioning in pods. It was a particularly warm night, and even in full birthday suit mode still found that the internal air fan system did nothing to decrease the temperature of my Pod.

2. Breakfast is literally different kinds of pastries. Now don’t get me wrong, I am quite partial to a morning pastry but one wasn’t enough and more than one was too much. I still found myself going to get a proper breakfast afterward.

The Millennials Shibuya is definitely a place I will be staying at in the future. Capsule hotels are a more luxurious form of “roughing it” but I can honestly say The Millennials Shibuya rivals that of a four-star hotel, minus the room space.

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