Yokohama, Landmark Tower

Yokohama, Landmark Tower

My last post was about Yokohama’s China town which was amazing, but that’s not all Yokohama has to offer! Yokohama also has a shopping center in a red brick warehouse, a huge amusement park with a marine life aquarium, two different types of noodle museums, but my biggest recommendation is Yokohama landmark tower!

There are three reasons you might want to visit Yokohama’s Landmark Tower. It has the five-star Royal Park Hotel, the adjoining Landmark Plaza that is full of shopping and dining, and the Sky Garden.


The Yokohama Landmark Tower is 273 meters tall and right at the top, there is a Sky Garden. The Sky Garden is on the 69th-floor and gives you a full 360 view of Yokohama. You would think that standing in an elevator for 69 floors and having to wait for people to get in and out at there desired floors would be an absolute nightmare but no! The Landmark Tower’s elevator is an attraction in itself! It is the fastest elevator in Japan and the second fastest in the world. Beaten in 2004 by the Taipei 101. 

The Landmark Tower climbs 69 floors in 39 seconds and gets up to 45.0 km/h! That might not seem like a lot but in an elevator, it is very unnerving.

The top deck of the Landmark tower is a really chill place to look at the cityscape and enjoy a coffee, coffee float, beer, and nachos. You can have your caricature painted in any cartoon style you want, and on clear days you can even see Mount Fuji which is over 51 miles away! It costs 1000 Yen (about £6.50) and you can stay up there all day if you want. I went when it was practically empty, but I think this was because it was quite a cloudy day.




This marks my final day in Yokohama but I will definitely be back! A two-day visit simply wasn’t enough to see and do it all.

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