Trying Karate in Tokyo: Karate Dojo waKu

I recently had the opportunity to visit a real-life Karate Dojo in Tokyo and there was no way I was going to miss out!

My earliest memories growing up was going to kickboxing on Saturdays and then going to stay over my best friends house to binge watch martial arts movies. No Retreat No Surrender, Enter the Dragon, Iron Monkey, and just about every Jackie Chan movie ever made. This fascination with martial arts continued up until my late teens where I would practice Kuk Sool Won and Muay Thai throughout the week, and watch the new generation of martial arts movies featuring Tony Jaa, Jet Lee, and Scott Adkins.

Of course, the discovery of games, new friends, and nights out have put a stop to all of that, but I have always wanted to get back into it. Don’t get me wrong I still love a good martial arts film but it just doesn’t inspire me like it used to.

Fast forward eleven years, MariannaVlogs asks me if I would like to go to a karate dojo in Tokyo and learn from an authentic black belt, taught by a real Japanese Sensei from Japan where Karate originated, in a real Japanese temple, and I could almost hear ten-year-old John hitting the floor from fainting. Not to mention, this is an opportunity not granted to even the most hardcore martial arts fanboys.

We arrived at Ojikamiya station and met up with Yusuke. Yusuke is black belt master of The Japanese Karate Federation and is the most super chill guy I have ever met.

Karate Dojo waKu Tokyo Japan


He went through a series of warm-ups stretches, punches, kicks, forms, and Katas. By the end of the session, we were all pretty worn out but we had one last thing to do. We had to use what we had learned and break the 9mm thick boards with ether our kicks or punches.

Needless to say, the boards didn’t stand a chance against our newly acquired “particular set of skills”.

Karate Dojo waKu Tokyo Japan

I highly recommend everyone who visits Japan to pay Yusuke a visit, it really is a once in a lifetime experience! From people that aren’t really interested in martial arts to people that are already involved in a form of fighting or self-defense. How many people can actually say they were taught karate in Japan?!

Check out Karate Dojo waKu’s website and book a private session. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert, they have different lessons to suit everyone. They also have an Instagram, where the Karate_in_tokyo team break down all the moves in different Katas, warm-ups, stretches, so that you can follow, learn, and improve.

Also, check out Marianna’s Amanda’s and Gretchen’s videos. Youtube/Gretchen Youtube/MariannaVlogs  Youtube/T0keeyo






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