Nagi Kyoto Sanjo Hotel Review

When working for a Japanese company in Japan it’s really easy to slip into a routine of work, work, work, sleep, work, work, work, sleep. It’s so easy to see why middle age salarymen walk around with a glazed over “kill me now” look on their faces. You see them every day. Crisp, clean, freshly shaven in the morning sleeping on the train, shirt slightly untucked in the afternoon, and pretty much passed out on the floor in a train station or hunched over their dinner in a Yoshinoya at night. All with a miserable look on their faces.

Feeling like I was falling into the same sort of regime, I decided that it was time to take a break. That’s when Marianna (from Marianna Vlogs on YouTube) told me that she had found a very new hotel in Kyoto. It didn’t have many reviews but the location was good and meant that traveling around Kyoto and visiting the shrines and temples that I wanted to see would be relatively easy.

Anyway, six trains and a shinkansen later, I finally arrived at the hotel and oh my god! I was not expecting this kind of hotel!

The hotel itself is down one of the copy and paste streets in this particular part of Kyoto. To me, all of the streets look exactly the same and they weren’t exactly in what I would call a touristy location, more like off the beaten path, a place not built for tourists but more for the people who live there.

Nagi Kyoto Sanjo Hotel

The entrance is new and up to date. The hallway to the front door is covered in flowers (a traditional way to signify a new establishment in Japan). Inside the main foyer there is a huge water feature takes up the whole of the opposite wall giving off an atmospheric, tranquil vibe.

Nagi Kyoto Sanjo Hotel reception area

I have never met friendlier staff at a hotel. The receptionist, and what I can only assume was the hotel manager were nothing but smiles and they spoke fantastic English. Upon checking if, we were asked if we would like breakfast at the hotel. We said no because we wanted flexibility and also with Marianna being a vegetarian, we were eager to experience traditional plant based dishes that Kyoto had to offer.

After a swift and easy check in process we were shown to our room. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. The manager and the polite lady who checked us in appeared outside our room with printouts of restaurants specialising in traditional Japanese breakfasts. They also told us that they have called ahead to make sure that they definitely had vegetarian dishes available, the prices and there availability. Talk about excellent customer service!

Nagi Kyoto Sanjo Bedroom

The room was amazingly spacious! With a big flat screen TV! And a Nespresso machine! Needless to say my needs were more than met, but my favorite part was the bathroom with ensuite wetroom (and a completely separate toilet).

Nagi Kyoto Sanjo Hotel bathroom

Nagi Kyoto Sanjo Hotel bathroom

Overall, the beds were comfortable, the hotel was quiet, and the people working there were fantastic! If you ever find yourself in Kyoto I would highly recommend checking out Nagi Kyoto Sanjo!

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