Universal Studios Japan: Tips For Visitors!

So in my most recent post. (Universal Studios, Japan) I talked about visiting Universal Studios and what an amazing day out it was. However, there are a few things I would have done differently so I thought I’d make a small list of things to help future Universal go’ers make the most out of their visit!

Book Your Tickets Online!

If you rock up to Universal without printed/E-tickets, you will have to queue twice. once to get the tickets and the other one to get into the park. Of course, if you are traveling with friends and family you can have them queue in the line to get in, and you can join the line to get the tickets. However, the line for the tickets is slower than the line to get in, which means that your friend might get all the way to the park gates with no ticket and will have to wait all over again.

The queues aren’t really well-indicated ether. There were many people queuing up to get tickets but were actually standing in the (already got tickets) lines. They would wait for twenty minutes realize that the Tickets queue was not their queue after getting close enough to see the ticket stand and have to jump into the correct line.

Buy through Klook.com. I am in no way associated with Klook.com however, I ordered my tickets through them and I got my tickets in an email 10 seconds later so… It works. They tend to have offers and its really easy to find vouchers for the website online, £10 off for example. Also, it’s cheaper booking in advance from your home country.

Get a 3 ride fast pass!

When I go to Legoland or Alton Towers or Thorp park they always sell fast passes. They are expensive and it seems like everyone has one because even though the fast pass lines are shorter, you still have to wait a while to get on the ride. Don’t get me wrong, It is faster to get on the rides than regular lines but the expense just isn’t worth waiting that extra twenty minutes. Universal Studios is different! I would be standing in a queue for what seems like a lifetime and then just as I’m about to get on, someone emerges from some bushes or a secret alley, flashes a ticket and is immediately let on in front of me. *Dick!*

The fast passes come in different types but it basically boils down to three different ones. 3,5,7. it means you can use it on 3 rides, 5 rides, or 7 rides. I recommend getting the 3 pass. Get to the park early, quickly get the rides that aren’t so popular out of the way. I.e Backdraft and Jaws and use the fast passes on the popular stuff later on. The 5 ride is expensive and the 7 pass is an absolutely ridiculous price just to avoid waiting a few hours across the day.

Get there early!

Yea, yea obviously. Get to a park early, everyone knows that. Well, get there earlier! We arrived at 8:00 and it looked like people were already queuing for an hour. If you’re staying in a hotel that provides breakfast leave your room to eat and leave for the park immediately!

Eat outside of the park/ bring packed lunch 

As you can imagine food in the park is extortionate! Also, It seems like the park has a monopoly on restaurants in the area so it’s a good idea to grab a packed lunch from the Family mart just down the street. Just remember to only buy water as opaque drinks/bottles are not allowed! If you want the budgeting to continue to dinner there is a Saizeriya on the strip of restaurants just outside of the park. Saizeriya is a super cheap Italian restaurant and its really good!

Don’t buy souvenirs until the end 

There is a huge shop just before you leave the park that has all the souvenirs from all of the attractions. Harry Potter stuff, Attack on titan stuff, seriously everything you have seen in the park is there.

These are just a few things you should know before you go. Hopefully, it helps you out.

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