Henn Na Hotel Asakusa|A Hotel In Japan Ran By Holograms

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard about the hotel in Japan that is run by robots. It was huge news a few years ago and it reminded the world that Japan hasn’t stopped being Japanese when it comes to all things tech, and forward-thinking.

Henn Na Hotel Asakusa
Henn Na Hotel Maihama

So in a country that is constantly innovating, where does a hotel run by robots go from here? Well, how about a unique hotel run by holograms!

Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Tokyo
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa

Asakusa is a historic town known for the Senso-ji, the oldest and most colorful temple in Tokyo. Asakusa is also one of the few places where you can truly experience the atmosphere and architecture of the Edo period. The historic streets are lined with food stalls, izakayas, and traditional craftsmanship. In stark contrast, the futuristic Henn Na Hotel Asakusa is unlike any other hotel that I have ever stayed in.


Upon entering you will be greeted by three distinct holographic characters. The anime-style butler that is happy to help but can’t cook to save his life, the Ninja who seems to get stabbed a lot, and of course, the friendly but quite scary raptor that the original Henn Na Hotel was famous for. Each one has his own personality, voice, and animation.

Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Holographic hosts
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa reception

Checking in is incredibly straightforward and efficient. Just use the tablet at the reception and through exciting animations and great voice acting, the hologram character of your choice will guide you through the process. Your room cards will come out of the machine under the counter and you are ready to go. After check-in is complete, your way will be guided by a projected red carpet that will appear on the floor. You will be directed to the elevators while puddles and leaves mimicking your steps trail behind you.

Henn Na Hotel Asakusa reception red carpet
Projected Red Carpet
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Reception
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Reception
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa reception
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Suitcase storage

The reception area has a really relaxing zen style, it is exceptionally clean and quiet. There is a bag storage section, an area to sit, work, or eat, and also has a small sports bar called Bat’s Man for a few cheeky night time drinks before bed. Should the bag storage system be full, you can always call for assistance from a real human. They will be happy to store your luggage for you while you explore the best that Asakusa has to offer.

Henn Na Hotel Asakusa reception
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa reception
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa reception
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Sports Bar
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Sports Bar
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Sports Bar
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Sports Bar
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Sports Bar

The beds were firm and comfortable. the dimmer switch for the warm ambient lighting is a really nice touch and considering the city is quite a busy place and the number of people staying at this hotel, the room was extremely quiet and relaxing. There were more than enough ports and plugs to charge all of my devices. They even provide a split cable with a USB-C, Lightning cable, and a micro USB end. Not to mention, the view of Asakusa’s cityscape from my room was amazing!

Henn Na Hotel Asakusa CityScape By Day
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa CityScape By Day
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa CityScape By Night
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa CityScape By Night
Henn Na Hotel Asakusa Room
Henn Na Asakusa Hotel Room

Rooms in Tokyo can be on the small side unless you are springing for the business or honeymoon suites so I was pleasantly surprised to see such a spacious room. The bathroom has a traditional Japanese shower room with a bath, a smart toilet, and all the general amenities that one would need to freshen up.

Henn Na Hotel Asakusa reception

The room itself has the usual TV, fridge, hairdryer, and kettle. However, there were two new devices that I had never seen in a hotel before. Tabii is a tablet that is your personal guide to tourist hot spots that also answeres any questions or queries you may have.

Henn Na Hotel Tabii
Hotel Room Tabii

There was also something that I thought was a giant fridge but turned out to be an LG Styler!

The LG Styler sanitizes, steams, presses and dries your clothes meaning fewer visits to your dry cleaners. I was simply blown away that a £1,500 device would be an option as I had never seen one before. Needless to say, I used it to death. All of my clothes are now steamed, sanitized, and wrinkle-free.

Check-out is just as easy as check-in. Selecting check-out on the tablet at the reception, you insert the cards for the room into the slot and that’s it, all done.


This hotel is more of an experience than your usual “place to stay”. It was clean and relaxing but most of all, totally hassle-free. Despite the fact that a lot of engineering and technology have gone into the building of this hotel, the process is extremely streamlined and makes me wonder why we need real reception staff at all.

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2 thoughts on “Henn Na Hotel Asakusa|A Hotel In Japan Ran By Holograms”

  1. Currently staying at this hotel and can confirm everything John says. I’ve stayed in many hotels around Asakusa and this one just does everything right. One additional benefit not mentioned is that the convenience store on the 1st (ground) floor can be accessed from the hotel elevator without going outside so getting some quick late-night munchies or beer is easy. Tons of places to eat in the area though.


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