Universal Studios Japan


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The next stop on my little (leave Tokyo for once) trip was Universal Studios Japan. I haven’t been to Universal Studios for a long time!  That was when I went to Florida, I was about Sixteen.

Universal Studios

Arriving at Universal Station the night before, we decided to walk the little strip of restaurants and cafes at foot of the park entrance and it is lit up like the las vegas strip! Its actually like being transported back to Florida.

Universal Studios Japan

A quick bite to eat (and a Pinkberry later) and I was back at the hotel. I stayed at the Singulary Hotel in Universal Station. It was the last stop on the strip leading to the park so the location was perfect. The hotel was nothing crazy just a standard bed, TV, and bathroom. I may do a review on it at a later date.

9:00 In the morning I was at the park gates wishing I was there at 7:30! The park was packed already, and It was on a quiet day! I had purchased my tickets online the night before to avoid any unnecessary waiting but still ended up waiting in line for ticket checks and bag searches.

Universal Studios Japan

Finally inside the park and we immediately ran for the Harry Potter section! I had read online that it is the busiest area and to get it out of the way as soon as you get in, and it’s true! we got there literally five minutes after getting inside and still waited in an hour-long queue! amazing ride though! It’s like a 3D experience ride but without the 3D glasses. Like one of them vertual reality rides that swept the country in the late 90s, early 2000s, every big arcade had one! The ones that you sit inside and it plays a roller coaster on the screen while the car that you’re sitting in rocks about, only on a much bigger scale!

Hogsmeade at Universal Studios in Japan

The second biggest attraction is the minion’s ride! We waited for a good two hours to get on! it’s kind of the same thing as the Harry Potter ride but with Minions. Pro Tip! sit at the front of the car as close to the middle as you can! It’s an eight-person car, four at the front, and four at the back. I was sat at the far right at the back so my view of the screen was kind of uncentered and two peoples heads were obscuring my view, otherwise, it was a really good ride.

The Minions ride in Universal Studios Japan

It was a total nostalgia trip! I couldn’t get over what a perfect carbon copy Universal Studios Japan was to Universal Studios Florida circa 2005. Spiderman, Jaws, Backdraft,  Everything was in the same place with a few Anime extras, and maybe a bit smaller. Oh! No Back To The Future or Terminator, also Jaws was shutdown that day 😦

Jaws at Universal Studios Japan

All in all, a great day out! If I was to do it all again I would do things slightly different though, I will write a top tips list for visiting Universal studios on my next post.

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