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Who would have thought it would work so well! This “French-anese,” bar-style restaurant is perfect for a quick snack, lunch or a full-on celebration. The playlist of 80s bangers is a great touch as well.


We choose Champagne and gyoza for the name. There were loads of restaurants along this particular street in Ebisu but none of them had such an eye-catching name. So imagine how happy I was to discover that they serve vegan gyozas as well!

champagne 1.jpg

Champagne And Gyoza is a relatively small place. Roughly twelve seated at the bar surrounding one (and only one) chef that caters to everyone. Talk about overworked! Surprisingly our hoast was able to cook, serve food, drinks and talk about the drinks like a fifty-year-old, French, grandmaster, wine expert to every single patron without breaking a sweat. Not to mention, he seemed like he was enjoying every minute of it. The bathroom is very bougie, bottles of champagne and little tubs of mouth wash all over the place.

champagne 2.jpg

The food was delicious and not too expensive either! There are two types of gyoza on the menu, meat, and vegan with garlic variations of both (not for the faint-hearted). You are given a plater of sauces which are soy, miso, tomato, and pesto. I never thought to eat gyoza with pesto, but I don’t think I will eat them without from now on. There is also salt, pepper, chili oil, and olive oil on the table. Side note, olive oil and salt on gyoza is an amazing combination! Side note-if you plan on ordering the garlic variant of your gyoza be prepared to be a social outcast for the rest of the night. It’s seriously strong!


I can’t really say anything bad about Champagne And Gyoza. One thing I will say is to go with friends. Dining out alone is totally normal in Japan, it’s actually cheaper than buying fresh and cooking at home believe it or not. However, nobody in the bar was unaccompanied and I can imagine why. Eating gyoza’s and drinking Champagne by your self might look a bit sad.


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